Time to prune …

The cooler weather has arrived and we have started our annual prune.  As we prune, we keep an eye out for new wildlife arrivals, and we spot an Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly catterpillar on the orange tree in the Wellness Garden, and several Dwarf Tree Frogs (aka Sedge Frog) which have taken up residence in the bromeliad garden near Hartley House.
We finally get to prune the Candle Bush – which dwarfs Marlene and Daniel …

As the hospital café is due to open soon, and we don’t want the Wellness Garden to look bare, we “tip prune” the coleus, lavender and pentas.  Even the “tip prunings” dwarf Margaret !
We bag and remove all weeds from the hospital grounds. This pile came from just one garden bed.  Obviously, we need to visit this section of the garden more often …

And of course, morning tea is a great opportunity to try out a new recipe on a captive audience, taste test offerings from a local bakery, or just bring along a tried and true favourite.



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