It’s all about the bees …


Thanks to a couple of timely downpours, the hospital gardens made it through Summer with only a few short watering sessions.  The frog pond is full of tadpoles, native fish and snails, several reptiles have been spotted having a quiet drink on a hot day and native birds have enjoyed a smorgasbord of nectar.

Some of our plantings flowered for the first time – like the beautiful Fruit Salad Frangipani, and the pink Pentas flowered non-stop from Spring right through to the end of Summer … they are still going!

But the real success story was the huge increase in the bee population – native Tetragonula carbonaria, Teddy Bear and Blue Banded bees have all been spotted in the Wellness Garden along with the usual European bees.

As time goes by, and the gardens mature, we can look forward to more first bloomers, more wildlife and many more delicious morning teas …




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